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Mix and manipulate your favorite tracks or record new ones with this powerful and attractive DJ tool

Mix and manipulate your favorite tracks or record new ones with this powerful and attractive DJ tool

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Program license: Free

Program by: Beatronik

Version: 5.8.7

Works under: Android


Program license

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DJ Studio 5 is an Android app that attempts to emulate DJ equipment to let users make their own original mixes of existing sound files.

If you ask any DJ about what their most major investment is, they'll likely tell you it is their equipment. Even basic DJ equipment comes at a high premium, and DJ Studio 5 aims to let users have fun experimenting with DJ tools without breaking the bank to do it. While previous versions of the app used to require a hefty fee to be paid to unlock use, this one is completely free. However, there are some "premium features" that users must pay to unlock, but the basic functionality is all free.

The biggest complaint we had about DJ Studio 5 was how unintuitive the app is. While its purpose is very clear, it's very difficult to figure out how to use all the equipment without any guidance. If you choose to use this app, you will likely need to refer to third-party tutorials or videos on how to use some of the features.

However, once you get the features down, you can unlock the power of the app. DJ Studio 5 has all the functions you would expect a real DJ to be able to perform. It has a full array of volume sliders, loop playback and control, EPM, and many more features packed into one small app. Although it is technically compatible with all Android devices, it's worth noting that it does not perform well on small screens. The picture is so small, and there are so many features packed in that the smaller sliders are almost impossible to access on smaller screens.

Finally, one of the bigger features of this app is the ability to create mixes and save them. With the most recent version, users can even upload the mixes they generate with this app to music-sharing apps like SoundCloud. However, users should verify that their mixes are not based on copyrighted content before doing this. Nevertheless, this makes it so that users can make basic productions without investing a penny in this app or in real DJ equipment.

All-in-all, DJ Studio 5 is a great way for aspiring DJs to try out the trade before investing in it. Even for users with no interest in DJing, DJ Studio 5 is a fun creative outlet to try making new mixes of songs and sharing them with friends. There's no doubt the app will get more popular now that it's free, and so there's no reason to not pick it up and try it today.


  • Recently made completely free
  • Has tons of controls
  • Allows uploading mixes to different services


  • Some premium features must be paid for
  • All the controls do not fit well together on smaller screens
  • App can be somewhat hard to figure out for people new to the industry